I’m Lauren.

I am an artist, instructor and creative workshop organizer in Madison, WI. Helping others experience the joy and wonder of creating with their own hands is the reason I am here.

My curiosity in all things handcrafted has lead me to gather creatives with all different skill sets to teach their crafts too.

I hope you will join us.

My original artwork is released in small batches online, sign up for my newsletter to get notified and see my stockist page for a list of shops that carry my wares.

I am available for workshops, commissions and custom orders.  E-mail me at hello@)laurenannpaul.com or fill in the boxes below.


Fun Facts:

  • I grew up in rural Wisconsin in an underground home that my parents built.

  • I nearly owned a yarn shop. Instead I had a baby and my partner got his dream job.

  • In a log cabin on an alpaca farm is where I learned to spin yarn and weave.

  • Thank my mother for my crafty ambitions, she taught me to crochet when I was 5.

  • I’m the proud pet mama to Kitty, Pony and Keys. They’re spoiled goldfish.

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